Bozena (Bo) Morton Bo

Bozena (Bo) Morton Bo has been working with WWG since 2011. During that period, she has written a number of winning proposals for federal grants from several agencies, including various NSF, US Department of Education, and NEH programs.

Bo has a master’s degree in linguistics and prior to becoming a grants professional she worked in English as a Foreign/Second Language and in international education programs both in the U.S. and abroad. For over 10 years, she also worked as Director of Grants at a large community college in the Los Angeles area where she wrote proposals for all kinds of grants to support college programs and services, helped faculty in all disciplines with developing grant proposals, and managed many grant-funded projects. In that role, she garnered over 75 million dollars in grants from public and private sources.

In addition to WWG, Bo also works with domestic and international nonprofits and educational institutions on developing and funding international programs and projects. Bo resides in Southern California.