About Us

Washington Writing Group, LLC is a collection of bright, energetic, and credentialed professionals who recognize the power of community in writing. We combine resources and experience in order to deliver superior products and unparalleled customer service at rates accessible to institutions of higher education, small businesses, government contractors, think tanks, and social service organizations.

Washington Writing Group, LLC (WWG) was founded in 2008 by Bianca Angelino Grimaldi, who began freelance grant writing after her son’s medical condition became a barrier to a traditional, nine-to-five job. She soon experienced the joy and fulfillment associated with grant writing. Building on this empowering experience, she started WWG with the support of family, friends, and colleagues. Since 2008, WWG has garnered over $100 million for a wide variety of clients over numerous topic areas including but limited to higher education, justice, community services, mental health, public health, health care, international health and development, manufacturing, public policy, energy, and defense.

WWG Mission Statement:

Our mission is to facilitate our clients’ success. Our vision is highly successful collaboration between our clients and writers that result increasing an organization’s capacity in targeted fundraising.